The Best of Both Worlds

Students pursue two passions: patient care and research.

Addressing Diabetes and Obesity Via the Brain

Can the brain take on the role normally filled by insulin?

The Good Sport

OT student Julie Grant is fulfilling a dream that began at 13: helping others.

Also in this Issue

Gorilla Surgery

When does a physician treat a gorilla? When the gorilla needs life-saving sinus surgery.

One Stem Cell to Rule Them All

Inventor makes breakthrough in regeneration.

A Not-so-crazy Path

Laura Katers, M.S., PA-C (Seattle Class 45) is an advocate for disadvantaged populations.

Two Approaches to Ebola

Researchers attack the problem through protein design and immunology.

Infinitely Curious

Alumna Glenna Burmer combines music and medicine.

Improving the Odds for High-risk Athletes

Standardizing ECG screenings for athletes.

The Stories Behind Super-utilizers

Student researchers take a holistic view.

Health and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

Civil Wars, Natural Disasters, Disease Outbreaks and Drought — in class.

Around UW Medicine

Dementia risk, faculty honors, and more.

Alumni and Student Updates

The latest news from the UW School of Medicine.

Committed to Research

An update from Paul G. Ramsey, CEO, UW Medicine.