Getting Better All the Time

A new curriculum for a five-state region.

Invaders and Defenders

Mixing disciplines in the new curriculum.

First Time’s the Charm

First-year students Natalie Meadows and Pramod Chavali weigh in on the new curriculum.

Also in this Issue

The Foundations of Clinical Medicine

Getting ready for patient care.

More Than a Labor of Love

Reaping the rewards of teaching.

Setting the Stage

Before the new curriculum, there were the Colleges.

Helping Students Decompress

The wellness council advocates for balance in students’ lives.

Knowing About the World

Using big data to focus on the curriculum.

The Good Teacher

Developing skills for an entire region.

TRUST-ing Students

Building connections through the new curriculum.

Taking the Lead in Global Health and Education

Pilot project in Laos expands MEDEX Northwest’s global outreach.

Around UW Medicine

Heart regeneration, innovation in physician training and more.

Alumni and Student Updates

The latest news from the UW School of Medicine.

A New Curriculum, a New Partner

An update from Paul G. Ramsey, CEO, UW Medicine.