Albert L. Jones, M.D. ’63, writes, “One of the many wonderful things about retirement is your freedom to travel. Our own UW Alumni Association has an outstanding array of tours. My wife, Sussan, and I took one to Africa. Our group found in a village in Zambia where many of the children had severe cases of ringworm. Fortunately, our tour guide had a supply of anti-fungal ointment. If prepared, it is not difficult in some small way to make a difference as you travel.”

Melissa Lofgren Molsee, M.D. ’07, Res. ’10 (internal medicine), writes, “Two-and-a-half years after opening our mission hospital in northern Togo, we have seen over 30,000 new patients from 10 different countries across West Africa. It has truly been a roller coaster ride with high highs and low lows. We have experienced two outbreaks of Lassa fever, which killed our surgeon last year and necessitated the medical evacuation of one of our nurses. While it is challenging to continue to provide good medical care in the face of a deadly viral hemorrhagic fever, we count it a privilege to live among and serve the people of Togo.”

Alexandra Y. Hunt, M.D. ’12, writes, “Living in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and practicing at a 14-bed critical access hospital. Getting to provide old-fashioned family medicine, cradle-to-grave care with inpatient and obstetrics. It is at times harrowing, but extremely rewarding. I enjoy being a part of such a rich community. Last month I had four generations of women in an exam room. I feel so grateful for the excitement and challenges that rural family medicine brings to healthcare providers.”

Barbara H. Burrowes, PA-C (Yakima Class 8), writes, “This October, I will have worked for Denver Health for 10 years, all of them for their school-based health clinic program. The idea is to bring care to where the kids are, so they miss minimal school while addressing healthcare needs. Because we have multiple-payor funding, we can provide services to all comers, including the uninsured, at no cost to them. It has been a good fit for me, and I feel like I am making a difference in my community.”

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