UW Medicine Invents

UW Medicine faculty have made or contributed to significant advances over the years. Here, we take a look at a few innovations that caught our collective eye.

A revolutionary tube. (1960) The Scribner-Quinton shunt allowed long-term kidney dialysis, saving untold lives.

The transgenic mouse. (1981) Several universities collaborated to create a genetically modifiable mouse — one that passed on genetic material to its offspring — a cornerstone of medical research.

Identifying genes. (1996–2006) Researchers have connected genes to Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer and Werner’s syndrome, among others.

Crowdsourced protein-folding. (2008) Online players start using their puzzle-solving skills to optimize protein structures; eventually, their insights could help design new proteins to combat disease.

Curing color blindness in monkeys. (2009) Researchers used gene therapy to cure red-green color blindness in adult monkeys, a step toward genetic treatments for many eye diseases affecting the retina.

Cancer vaccine. (2015) Researchers create a vaccine to boost immunity to HER2-negative breast cancer recurrence.

Easier feeding for babies. (2017) A team, including PATH, Seattle Children’s and others, created a low-cost silicone NIFTY Cup for babies born prematurely or with oral clefts.

The View From the Ground

You’ve probably heard about Accelerate: The Campaign for UW Medicine. That, together — friends, employees, organizations, alumni — we’re trying to raise $2 billion dollars. To date, we are $1,874,559,466 of the way there.

That’s the bird’s-eye view. But we’d argue that the view from the ground is a much better view. Because that’s where we can see your generosity at work.

We see researchers burst with excitement when gifts allow them to pursue their ideas. We see the joy when our students hear they’ve been awarded a scholarship. And we see relief when the patients who need our help the most learn their hospital bill is covered.

Does the big number matter? You bet it does. But what you care about — what you give during the Campaign — changes lives. Every day.

For a full view of our Campaign progress, and for stories of generosity and inspiration, visit AccelerateMed.org.