Convergence: a moving together, or inclination toward a common point. Also defined as the point of converging; a meeting place.

Convergence promotes medical advances. As shown in this issue of UW Medicine, great things happen when clinicians, researchers, and educators come together under one roof and for a common purpose.

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance was created in 1998 by UW Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s to bring the strengths of all three organizations together to provide extraordinary care for patients with cancer. In 11 short years, it has changed the face of cancer care in the Northwest.

The UW Medicine Eye Institute, newly opened in July 2009 at Harborview Medical Center, provides a remarkable convergence of world-class faculty involved in patient care, research, and education to improve vision and prevent eye disease.

It is exciting to think of what accomplishments will occur at these centers in the coming decade — and in the coming century.


Paul G. Ramsey, M.D.
CEO, UW Medicine